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Cleopatra II

Cleopatra II Cleopatra II, or Cleopatra 2, is the latest version, a more up to date version of its little sister Cleopatra. Cleopatra II is a 20 pay line 5 reel multi line slot with a bonus feature that can initiate up to 50 free spins with a 50 multiplier that makes for one of the best online slots available online. Cleopatra II can be played at any casino that uses the WagerWorks / IGT software.

When you play Cleopatra II you have a multiple choice of options for you coin credit value starting at just 1p and rising to £10 per coin. You then have the choice of how many multiples of your chosen coin value you want to bet from 1 up to 5. You can also choose whether to play all 20 lines or a smaller number of pay lines from 1 to 20. As with all multi-line slot games the more pay lines you wager on the better your chances of spinning in a win.

The Cleopatra II wild symbol will double any wins if it lands on the reels in a win line or is used to make a win line. You can spin in 5 wild symbols across the pay lines but this doesn’t happen very often although playing the game you do see a lot of the wilds drop onto pay lines they don’t always fall into win lines on Cleopatra II.

In Cleopatra II when you spin in 3 scatter symbols anywhere across the 20 lines or 5 reels then this activates the bonus round. When you activate the Cleopatra II bonus round you will see a new screen with three boxes; simply pick one of the boxes and it will open to count up how many free spins you win. Playing the bonus round sees the multiplier rise on each free spin. 

For example if you win 8 free spins the first free spin is worth 1 multiplier, the second free spin is worth 2 multiplier and so on and so forth until you reach your final free spin of 8 multiplier.

If you are lucky enough to spin in another three scatter symbols during the bonus round then you will receive the number of original free spins again. So using the example of 8 you would receive 8 more free spins. The multiplier however does not reset so your ninth free spin would be worth 9 multiplier. You can receive up to 50 free spins with 50 multipliers if you are lucky enough.


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