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NetEnt Releases Steampunk-Inspired Steam Tower Slot

Steam Tower is a five-reel, fifteen-payline game in which the player has to climb a Victorian factory tower to rescue the princess whilst warding off the attentions of a fierce dragon. The action takes place against the backdrop of an intricately-detailed steampunk world, in which the fashions and technology of the Industrial Revolution are given a science fiction makeover.

NetEnt’s latest game allows you 10 free spins for hitting a Stacked Wild, seeing you start to climb the tower whilst the multiplier increases to a maximum of x7. Arrive at the top in order to free the princess from her captivity and you will receive 1,000 bonus coins multiplied by your bet amount!

The visuals are stunning, with the main character resplendent in top hat, goggles and luxuriant beard, armed with a mean-looking grappling hook. Steam seeps out of pipes as you courageously pull yourself up the chimney in front of the smoggy, sooty backdrop of an industrial town.

With a novel theme and some fantastic rewards for your heroic efforts, it’s well worth taking a trip to Mr Green Casino to give Steam Tower a go today!


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