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The Osbournes slot

Osbournes The Osbournes slot is a 5 reel 20 pay line video slot that has a theme licensed by the Osbourne family. Before you even reach the game you are wondering if it is going to be as crazy and dysfunctional as the Osbournes appeared to be on there MTV show aptly named The Osbournes. The betting for the Osbournes slot game starts at 1p and rises to 50p and you can choose up to 10 coins for every one of the 20 pay lines.


I chose to play the Osbourne Slots game at Ladbrokes Casino and even with a speedy processor the game took forever to load. This may not be the case however if you choose to play the game through the download version of Ladbrokes Casino.

The Osbourne slot

Main Game Screen

Playing The Osbourne slot brings three bonus chances when you spin in the right symbols.

Mini’s Free Spin Trial Bonus

The Osbourne free spins symbol3, 4 or 5 of the Mini Symbol on any line will start the free spin bonus round and all wins in this bonus round will be doubled. Initiating the Mini’s Free Trial Bonus on The Osbournes slot takes you to a separate screen where you’re free spins start. If you get any number of Mini symbols your move along the top of the screen. There are bonuses you can accumulate at certain point’s dependant on which member of The Osbournes Mini reaches. If you reach one of them you get the bonus shown and your free spins reset to 10.

The Osbournes free spin game

Free Spin bonus screen

Osbourne Slot Door Knocker Bonus

The Osbournes door knock symbolWhen you spin in 3 or more of the door knocker symbols you will win a scatter bonus automatically but you also then get to choose one of the symbols that rolled into a pay line. Behind the symbol whilst playing The Osbournes slot will be a multiplier bonus up to 5x your original scatter bonus.


The Osbournes door knocker bonus

Door Knocker bonus screen

Grab a Gift Bonus

This bonus appears randomly and the idea is to grab the gift that you want. The four different boxes that appear are quite obvious as to which member of The Osbournes that they belong to and each offers up different prizes.

  • Ozzy’s – multiplier 2x up to 30x
  • Sharon’s – multiplier 3x up to 25x
  • Kelly’s – multiplier 4x up to 20x
  • Jack’s – multiplier 6x up to 15x

The Osbournes slot is a must if you are a fan of multi line online slots with bonus rounds.


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