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US Online Gambling Opponents Plan to Stop Intrastate Link-Ups

Politicians in the US are reported to be considering calling for a moratorium on other jurisdictions joining New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware in allowing intrastate online gambling. The embargo would allow opponents of the fledgling internet gambling business in the country to effectively stop it in its tracks without having to call for a blanket ban, which would be seen as overruling individual states’ decision makers.

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Moves have been made recently in both the Senate and House of Representatives to bring into law the Restoration of America’s Wire Act legislation, which would outlaw virtually all internet wagering across the US. However, even though the politicians who introduced the bills to the Houses are both Republicans, many in their party are uncomfortable about ignoring ‘states rights’ to govern themselves. It would be much easier on the conscience of many anti-online gambling Republicans to vote for a moratorium rather than an outright ban, although the effect could be similar, nipping the emerging industry in the bud.

The Restoration of America’s Wire Act bill has also become tainted by the association of 81 year-old billionaire business tycoon Sheldon Adelson. Adelson spent $100 million on the Republican presidential campaign in 2012 and is pledging to help again, with anti-internet gambling legislation being high on his agenda.

Adelson is CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corp., owner of the Venetian and Palazzo hotel casinos in the Nevada city and, as such, sees online wagering as unwanted competition. By backing the moratorium on online-gaming rather than the Restoration of America’s Wire Act legislation, Republicans can prove they are not simply following the whims of a wealthy paymaster.

There are few solid details about this proposal just yet, so make sure to keep checking for updates as soon as they develop.


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