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Virgin Casino V Points

Virgin Casino I think we’re all now familiar with the Virgin brand, offering everything from cheap flights to music to soft drinks, they certainly seem to have their fingers in a lot of pies. Well if you like casinos and online slots then maybe you should head over to Virgin Casino and take a look at their fantastic V points reward system.

At Virgin Casino whether you are playing Blackjack or online slots, every time you play you’ll earn Virgin Casino V points that can be exchanged for cash or a whole range of Virgin rewards.

So what exactly do the V points get you?

Well they can be redeemed for cash which will be directly credited into your Virgin Casino account, you can withdraw this money or use it to play further, earning more V points while playing their exciting games and online slots.

They can be cashed in for Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles, enabling you to save them up and use them to treat yourself to some well-deserved relaxation time.

You can give something back, by donating your V Points to Virgin Unite, the independent charitable organisation within the Virgin group you can guarantee a feel-good sensation for yourself every time you play and spin those online slots.

You can redeem them for Virgin vouchers and use them to buy a whole range of fantastic Virgin goods, or if you are really an adrenaline junkie then use them to take advantage of the Virgin experiences programme including rally driving or maybe a pampering spa day.

Once you have activated your V Points in your Virgin Casino account then every time you log in as a cash player you can access and redeem your cash points for all of these fantastic rewards.

Every time you play a game at Virgin Casino you’ll earn V Points and they vary from game to game, so whether you’re playing Blackjack (5 points/£100 wagered) or online slots (10 points/£100 wagered) you can rest assured in the knowledge that you’re saving up for a special treat for yourself or someone special.

Now I’m just off to see if I’ve saved enough up for that weekend shopping trip to New York! Did someone mention new shoes?


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